I’m a person interested in amateur radio (not licensed yet due to a certain viral pandemic), especially in space-to-earth communications and decoding data from satellites.

I have developed and maintain multiple applications for dealing with data (mainly imagery) from satellites:

  • aptdec - A lightweight FOSS NOAA APT satellite imagery decoder.
  • GVAR-Tools - A set of tools for dealing with GVAR data from GOES-13
  • meteor_corrector - A Meteor-M2 geometry corrector
  • Lucky7-Decoder - A small C++ program for decoding images from the Lucky-7 cubesat

… and some other work in progress things.

I also self host this website with 100% FOSS software, with the only propriety bits being some firmware here and there.

The website itself is made with hugo and runs a modified version of hello-friend-ng as its theme, modified source code has not yet been released.

You can contact me at xerbo (at) protonmail (dot) com